Una Aventura Gastronómica

As well Marco Polo lived thousands of adventures trough the silk road, or Melquiades brought us ice by the first time to Macondo, PRODELAGRO every day travel the whole world for get the rarest and exquisite ingredients from world cooking.

We live gastronomy like a passion without borders, funny and mysterious, that gift us in each port of call a flavors experience to delighting our customers with food that offer them Innovative and natural alternatives.

Every recipe embody a tradition, a culture, the boldness from a mom or a cheff that dare to innovate, creating flavor legends and at the present day are a delicious adventure for they who want to encouraged to make it real.

We will  travel inside the costume, over the crops, the fairs, the books and all the places where a food adventurer let a trace that help us to discover a doubloon of that treasure trove called gastronomy.

¡Join us in this odyssey, la Aventura Gastronómica!

Nuestra Misión

Comercializamos los alimentos más saludables y deliciosos

Sabemos que comer bien es vivir bien y por eso brindamos a nuestra comunidad alimentos de primera calidad a través de un talento humano comprometido y eficiente.

Nuestra misión es darte una experiencia gastronómica y natural cada día colocando en tu mesa y cocina una gran variedad de productos de todo el mundo.

Pto de Venta

Av. Calle 116 No. 70G - 66

B. Pontevedra

Tels. (57) (1) 613 7886 - 613 8632

Cel (57) 317 440 5725


Calle 102 No. 70C - 83

PBX. (57) (1) 600 4160


Bogotá D.C. - Colombia


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